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Thanksgiving is a state of mind, not just a holiday

Like most people, I tend to get a little reflective this time of year.

I count my blessings, think about the highlights of the year that’s coming to a close, and ponder my hopes for the year ahead.

As the saying goes – I have an attitude of gratitude.

This year, in particular, I am so very grateful for our hospitality industry community; our peers, colleagues, investors, even our competitors.  While we have our struggles and frustrations from time to time, we are a collegial group, and in this era of divisive discourse, I’m thankful that we can compete with and challenge one another while remaining cordial. This is the only industry that I know of that lives and breathes hospitality at all levels of contacts.

I’m also grateful to work in an industry that brings the world together.  Travel expands horizons, opens eyes and warms hearts.  Governments are sometimes at odds with one another, but in our business, we bring people together.  We share our worlds and make new friends every day and I’m thankful to be part of a business that can contribute to that goodwill in some small way.

I am proud and thankful that after 37 years, our business continues to provide jobs that help more than 2,200 individuals support their families.  Our industry provides short-term jobs for students and life-long careers with good pay and benefits.  We are a powerful engine in our local and national economies and I am thankful that we can play a role in making our towns, and neighborhoods places where people want to live and visit.

One of our GMs recently joked that while attending a GM’s conference, it took 20 minutes for 5 people to leave the room because everyone was busy trying to hold the door.  Hospitality people are some of the warmest, most caring individuals I’ve ever met, and I am thankful to call so many my friends.

As you gather around your Thanksgiving table to share a feast with family and friends, remember the hotel industry in its effort to serve and offer a home of hospitality to the traveler and please try to set aside the family grievances, the political grousing and even the football trash talk, and remember why you invited them in the first place.  There’s more than just a turkey dinner that’s bringing you together, and that’s something else to be thankful for.

With my thanks for all you do, and a wish for your safe travels this holiday season.


Gerry Chase