Order Up – New Room Service Options on the Menu

By Terence Baker
Reporter, Europe

GLOBAL REPORT—Room service in 2020 will, according to sources, look quite different than it does today.

An indication that huge changes were on their way came with the New York Hilton Midtown’s mid-2013 decision to discontinue traditional roomservice. In its stead came a grab-and-go food outlet that also did guestroom delivery not on white tablecloths but in paper bags.

Some predict that in years to come only high-end hotels will continue to provide the type of roomservice that comes with real plates, tablecloths and portable tables orchestrated by dedicated in-room dining departments.

HNN asked five hoteliers responsible for an array of product type on three continents to give their thoughts. This is what they said:

Vince Barrett, VP of food and beverage, New Castle Hotels & Resorts: “The traditional way we see roomservice will be a thing of the past for nearly all hotels, except maybe for very high-end, 5-star-plus hotels and resorts that want to offer it as a high-end service touch point.”

Barrett believes that within the next couple of years the major chains will begin to roll out new in-room dining service standards. He thinks their visions will be similar in their modeling, but each will have their own sense of brand identity.

Barrett, who also is MD of New Castle’s purchasing subsidiary Provender LLC, added the brands’ mobile apps will have the capability to interface with a hotel’s point of sales system to provide numerous food-and-beverage options, as well as several delivery points.

Hoteliers also will look to create retail style spaces within their lobbies that will act as a grab-and-go option, he said.

Barrett does forecast one major difference.

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