Hotel News Now writer, Danielle Hess, reports on hotels’ efforts to retain college hires.  In her September 11, 2017 story she interviewed New Castle President Gerry Chase.

New Castle Hotels & Resorts hires a mix of hospitality and non-hospitality students at its hotels. One way New Castle keeps hospitality-focused students on board is by providing internships and allowing them to grow their career through the company.

“I like to have a mentor program in our company,” said Gerry Chase, president and COO of New Castle. “We’ve been around for 37 years … and most of our GMs, for example, at least 50% of them have grown up through the ranks. (They) either went to college or had a college degree, and we trained them and offered them additional training programs within the organization.”

Chase added that advancing from within is motivational for the employee, and provides for the future growth of New Castle. Those employees are “effective in hitting the ground running if (they’ve) been home-grown and offered (opportunities),” he said.  Read Entire Story