Natural disasters are outside the realm of prevention, but there are measures hotels can take to make sure their properties and guests come through as unscathed as possible when a disaster strikes. For hotel owners, this is especially important and goes a long way to safeguarding their asset and investment.


A prescient design plan that minimizes damage when disaster strikes should be part of every builder’s blueprint.

Prepared for natural disaster
Westin Jekyll Island’s natural disaster preparedness began with design considerations such as protective dunes surrounding the hotel

Alex Lugo, GM at the Westin Jekyll Island on the Georgia coast, agrees that design plays a crucial role in how a hotel emerges from a natural disaster. “We have hurricane-impact windows all around the hotel,” he said of the hotel, and dunes were built along the surrounding beach to help protect the property from floodwaters. “It gave a lot of us a good feeling that the hotel would withstand the hurricane,” he said in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, which briefly shuttered the property in October.  read more