New Castle’s portfolio reflects our proven track record of identifying attractive development opportunities and realizing their potential.

New Castle’s extensive industry knowledge and keen business acumen provides a solid framework for conceiving and executing successful, profitable projects. At every opportunity, we bring together the optimal combination of resources, partners, and expertise needed to address the nuances and complexities that affect project outcomes. Our team creates the optimal combination of resources, partners, and expertise. Executives and senior managers maintain a spirit of patience, tenacity, and creativity through every phase of the engagement – from initial project negotiations  through pre-opening activities and property launch.

Third Party Management

Measurable Value, Significant Returns

New Castle’s impressive operational and management portfolio includes examples of dramatic turnarounds at underperforming properties, significant increases in bookings, and generous returns to our investors. Our rich industry expertise, valuable network of partners and vendors, and state-of-the-art technology including customized sales and business intelligence systems, data security platforms, and measurable cost savings in labor management, property tax assessment and insurance mean that each property is quickly positioned to see significant gains in profitability.  New Castle is widely recognized for the outstanding accessibility and responsiveness of senior executives, managers, and associates. and is deeply committed to delivering personalized service that exceeds the highest standards of business and hospitality.

New Build

Industry expertise from the ground up

New Castle’s deep industry expertise comes to bear on all of our new-build projects, from pre-planning, financing, and interfacing with contractors and architects to FF&E procurement and IT systems implementation. Whether partnering with a local or regional developer, tapping into our network of partners, or undertaking a new project independently, New Castle brings a nuanced understanding of the intricacies of successful hotel development. When participating as a third-party manager New Castle’s pre-opening and technical services acumen is a valuable asset for owners. New-build ventures are distinguished by rigorous market research, innovative design, high-quality construction, and a disciplined fiscal approach.


A Trusted, Results-Driven Team

At every step of the process, New Castle works to increase profit and maximize return for all equity owners. From the initial loan application to exploring refinancing opportunities and tax monitoring once the project is up and running, New Castle’s financing approach is distinguished by transparency and integrity. We bring to the table longstanding relationships with both national and local financing sources, as well as extensive experience with projects of all sizes, including complex undertakings that involve many parties. We carefully analyze all factors to establish clear financing goals, and work with lenders to produce due diligence materials. The personal touch that we bring to all projects allows us to attain the fairest terms for our customers and partners effectively and efficiently. Our partnerships with lenders are true collaborations based on trust and founded in the understanding that New Castle’s operational expertise is second to none.

Design & Construction

Building on Expertise

Since its founding in 1980, New Castle has overseen the design, renovation or new construction of over 60 hotels. New Castle’s capabilities include executing both brand and independent design initiatives as well as bringing on site construction to a timely and cost effective completion. We apply a careful, detail-focused approach to every stage of the process.


We understand the art – and science – of delivering the highest level of service to every guest at every location, while increasing investor returns.

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Where others see lackluster performance or a low-potential market, we see untapped opportunities for success and profitability.

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